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SO this is just a test that i did and i thought other other people would love to see it and maybe ask me how i did it!

By The way! This Is NOT A GAME, It's Just a test Animation System So Don't worry if it Doesn't let You 'Play'

For the last time guy's! this isn't a game! its a test animation that was imported from  one software to another!

This Was Created On March 9, 2018


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akuma-to-unity.rar 18 MB


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can you make a game where we can ACTUALLLY USE THE MMDS!!!

That isn't possible! i have no rights to use others VMD files.

then why is this a game if we cant use it?

If you wan to use the MMD software go to learnmmd.com this is just a demo software

I'm sad and kinda mad because I was so excited to finally use a MMD but it had to ruin the experience with a orange and grey screen i rate this game a 2/10

This Game is Not MMD, This is just a Animation Made from it

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Oh...well it still doesn't work. :/ sorry if it was in a rude way

No its perfectly fine!

i played this before cuz i saw a youtube from funnch went she was running and he saw drac

well...I tried playing but i was just send to an orange gray screen? how do i use it

You can Not use this as this is not Useable

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how do you use this?? it does a dance or whatever then it freezes and... i cant use it..

That is how you use it, 

tried playing it and a wierd vid showed up then froze pls is there another waynto download ; _ ;


Thats whats supposed to happen

um i was sent to a grey ish and orange ish screen with nothing >.>

Hmm Odd  Anything else show up?

nope just that x


Is it fine if youguys release a Mac version?

Sorry that i didn't see this comment, But i have no way of testing it on a Mac at this moment.